The international criminal judgment of the INA Papers case has arrived from Panama: Ronny Aleaga

He criticized that as the case progresses internationally, in Ecuador absolutely nothing has been done despite the fact that a year has passed since the complaint.

Ronny Aleaga, an assemblyman for the Citizen Revolution, described as incredible the judicial situation in the country. He asserted that there is no rule of law because the processes are selective. “It is disappointing, I was hoping that the Prosecutor will do his job but he has done nothing. On February 20, it was a year since the Ina Papers was denounced. ”

He informed that from Panama the international criminal sentence has already arrived in Ecuador: «And the Prosecutor (Diana Salazar) continues to do nothing.»

In the opinion of the legislator, the Prosecutor’s Office is not interested in investigating because in the case the President of the Republic, his brother, his closest economic circle and his family are involved: “The regime’s response was to make the case“ Bribes against leaders of the Citizen Revolution in response to cover its case of corruption ”.

Despite this, he noted that in other countries the case is still being investigated: «In the next few days I will have meetings with my lawyers in Spain and Switzerland to see how the investigations are going because at the end of the day the truth will have to prevail.»

«In international justice it will be shown that we are right and we will know who has been the true corrupt.»

He recalled that the last time he met with Prosecutor Salazar was in August 2019, when he delivered documents containing transactions from Panama. Salazar said that the necessary investigations are being carried out, but the assemblyman questioned that if so, where are the detentions and shackles? «In case Bribes in 28 hours there were 2 detainees and 7 raids.»

Meanwhile, he said that the suspects involved such as Edwin M, Javier MC, Maria Auxiliadora P. and Conto P. are no longer in the country: “And surely the Prosecutor’s Office is going to say that they did not realize but that they were in the investigation , when it is a crime that was committed in Ecuador and is in process in three countries ”

He reiterated that the evidence and the elements are blunt and undeniable and that when justice arrives in the country the whole network will be revealed.

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