Former President Correa will return to Ecuador to register his candidacy at the end of 2020

Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

This was announced by his lawyer Fausto Jarrín to Sputnik News

The former president of the Republic, Rafael Correa, would return to the country later this year to register his candidacy in the next elections. As explained by his lawyer, Fausto Jarrín, the former president would return to Ecuador in November or December of this year to register as a candidate for vice president or as an assemblyman.

Jarrín explained that if the former president registers his candidacy he would be automatically protected by electoral immunity.

«Our intention is that he can return to Ecuador; once he registered his candidacy, he would immediately be protected by electoral immunity (…) he would return this year, in November or December », Jarrín told Sputnik
It should be remembered that Rafael Correa already announced in previous months his intention to participate as a candidate for the vice presidency or to occupy a bank in the National Assembly.

Source: Sputnik News

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