The trial against the four activists who defended the Venezuelan embassy in Washington against US interference is declared void

Photo: Wyatt Reed
Photo: Wyatt Reed

The American judge, Beryl Howell, declared void the trial against the ‘Collective of Protection of the Embassy’ of Venezuela in Washington, after the jury could not reach a verdict.

The activists, Adrienne Pine, David Paul, Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, were arrested in May 2019 on the grounds of «interfering with the functions of the US Department of State.»

The activists spent several days at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington and were victims of physical and verbal aggressions. They were restricted from access to food, medicines, electricity and water.

They remained at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, to prevent the administration of Donald Trump from giving the headquarters to the Venezuelan opposition deputy, Juan Guaidó, who called himself «interim president» of Venezuela.

Source: RT

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