Ecuadorian Government supports the candidacy of Luis Almagro for the OAS

The elections for the OAS General Secretariat will be held in March.

The early support of the Ecuadorian Government for the re-election of Luis Almagro, as Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), prevented the support for the candidacy of former Chancellor María Fernanda Espinosa.

Speaking to the press, Foreign Minister José Valencia reiterated that Ecuador had already decided to support Almagro when Espinosa was nominated.

In addition, he pointed out that with the current OAS secretary they share hemispheric principles and approaches, so the support has not changed.

With this statement he put aside Espinosa’s candidacy, even though she belongs to the ranks of the official PAIS Alliance movement. «We have not taken that into account, but the commitments we had,» he said.

The former chancellor of Ecuador and former president of the UN General Assembly was nominated on December 13, 2019.

In December, President Lenín Moreno highlighted the ability of the official and said that the Ecuadorian Government’s commitment was aimed at voting for Almagro.

On Saturday, December 15, Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines formally communicated that their candidate to lead the OAS was the Ecuadorian ex-chancellor.

Meanwhile, on February 12, the OAS secretary defended his leadership at the head of the two candidates who challenge his aspiration to be reelected. The other candidate is the Peruvian Hugo Zela.

Almagro explained that his work focused on giving political relevance to the OAS.

On the other hand, in his meeting with President Moreno he recognized the role of Ecuador in the defense of democracy in the hemisphere and thanked the support for his candidacy.

On March 20, the person who will lead the agency will be known and 18 votes will be required among the 34 active members.

Source: Expreso, El Comercio, Pichincha Universal, social networks

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