Defense Minister insists on maintaining US aircraft operations in Ecuador

Jarrín considers that this is not an attack on the sovereignty of the country

The President of the Republic, Lenín Moreno, will visit Donald Trump. The Minister of Defense will participate in this meeting as part of the Ecuadorian delegation and among its objectives are to ratify the operations of the P3 Orión aircraft that is part of a cooperation plan between both countries, signed in this Government, to control drug trafficking in the maritime zone

According to Jarrín, this will boost the Common Strategy for Regional Security to combat drug trafficking, which was proposed by Ecuador and accepted by the Ministries of Defense of Colombia and Peru.

«We ratify that the P3 is maintained and, if necessary, an Awa, to improve air-maritime exploration and other resources that will allow this strategy to be applied to combat drug trafficking at the regional level.»

In the same way, he affirmed that the claim promoted by the former ambassador of Ecuador in Washington, Francisco Carrión, about the lack of an operating status of the Orion was out of place, since the current protocol would be applied with “absolute normality” .

Source: El Universo

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