Argentine justice ceades the preventive detention of Cristina Fernández

Photo: Twitter Cristina Fernández
Photo: Twitter Cristina Fernández

The Chamber of Criminal Cassation ceased the preventive detention, issued by Judge Claudio Bonadío, who died recently, against Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for the «notebooks» case.

This case is based on alleged photocopies of a notebook from a former minister’s chauffeur, where the payment of alleged bribes for the granting of public works worth 160 million dollars between 2003 and 2015 would be proven (Néstor Kichner and Fernández governments from Kirchner).

In a 107-page ruling, the Criminal Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court unanimously resolved this judicial measure because it does not consider that there is a risk of leakage or obstruction in the investigation. With this decision, Fernández has no other request for pretrial detention.

However, the Argentine justice indicated that the current vice president has eight processes in force.

On the other hand, of the nine judges that would succeed Bonadio, at least three have requested not to compete to take over that court, not even temporarily, analysts say. They argue that the former judge turned the courts into one of the elements of the implementation of the so-called lawfare where alliances are created between media and journalists, state and foreign intelligence services to fabricate cases and prosecute political leaders, not manageable for states United.

Source: Telesur, Granma

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