Lenin Moreno calls 4Pelagatos for a complaint and not an apology for 472 complaints against Pichincha Universal


More than once the public company Pichincha Communications has denounced the «assortment» attack on its website, the official complaints for the use of images of the main entities and authorities of the State. We have demonstrated it with evidence and without any political or proselytizing eagerness.

With names and surnames we have placed the denunciations of the Presidency and the Ministry of Interior. And to any request for explanation we have received an answer. Much less a justification to understand why we cannot use the photographs of the Presidency, the National Assembly or any other entity, considering that these images are produced as public goods, with public resources and at the service of citizens.

Likewise, they force us to pass national chains, every day, or as at the time the Ministry of Communication forced us to join the Public Radio signal, it is “normal” for public communication services to inform the citizenship.

Interviews or appointments with the main authorities have been requested more than once to inform about their management and to our Pichincha Universal station they never attend.

Now we learn that the President of the Republic calls the “managers” of a web portal, which is not a means of communication, which is not a journalism company, but the blog of four political actors.

At the same time to apologize, he explains to them that it has nothing to do with the denunciation of the use of public images in their publications.

That portal says: “The Presidency of the Republic does not cite the case of 4P. He does not answer for what happened. It merely says that «it does not carry out censorship actions against journalists and media.» And that the official involved, Juan Carlos Chávez Cevallos, was «immediately separated from the Institution.»

We ask ourselves: Does the “sanction” against Pichincha Universal continue? Is there a selective and discriminatory accusation for some and permissiveness for others?

It should be clarified that with the complaints made by the presidency to our website a substantial damage was created on our server and due to this we have been obliged to change it.

In addition, we have permanently suffered attacks on the security of our platform, which attempt to violate the protections we have for our information and unsubscribe the website. The pampering added more than 50 000 in the last 6 months.

This also caused economic and technical damage to the company, since much of our information was also at risk of being permanently deleted.

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