Assemblyman Fernando Flores claims President Moreno for «xenophobia speech»

«Mr. President, it is important that you speak with the truth and do not create smoke screens, trying to send the responsibility to those who do not belong to us, in Ecuador» said Flores.

The president of the Committee on Sovereignty and International Relations, Fernando Flores, described the expressions of President Lenín Moreno as “unwise”, who called the attention of the Assembly for not approving the Mobility Law, which, according to Moreno, will allow Deportation

Flores says that the Ecuadorian President uses a «xenophobia» speech.

In a press conference, Flores said that President Moreno is ruling with the situation. “If there is a fire tomorrow, he will say that the Assembly did not pass the Risk Law. If there is an economic problem, he says that the Assembly did not pass an urgent economic law. If there is a problem of insecurity, it is wanted to endorse foreign citizens in the country. It is a speech by xenophobia, Mr. President, ”he said.

After the death of a woman in a busy area in the north of Quito, by a foreign citizen, President Moreno asked the National Assembly to approve the reforms to the Human Mobility Law that the Executive sent in July 2019.

With the reform, Moreno said, «it will allow us to expel and deport those foreigners who come to the country to commit crimes or who are found committing crimes.»

However, Flores clarified that «citizens are being deceived» because these reforms do not include «deportation of foreigners or expulsion.» In addition, he said that if this is the interest of the Government, it must send a reform or amendment to the Constitution.

Source: Twitter, National Assembly, Comercio, Primicias

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