Wuhan Central Hospital denies death of doctor who tried to warn about coronavirus

Photo: BBC

The doctor is in critical condition, according to the authorities

The controversy that was generated around the death of the doctor who alerted the appearance of the new coronavirus was clarified by the Wuhan Central Hospital, the center where he is hospitalized, which denied the death of the doctor Wen Weniang.

According to the medical center where the specialist worked and is now hospitalized, Li had died on Wednesday, February 5. However, hours later this hospital denied his death.

«In the fight against the epidemic of pneumonia of the new coronavirus, the ophthalmologist of our hospital Li Wenliang unfortunately was infected. Right now he is in critical condition and we are doing everything possible to revive him, ”said the center in his official Weibo account, the most popular social network in China.

Li Wenliang, a leading doctor at Wuhan Central Hospital, would have tried to alert the new coronavirus epidemic but the Chinese authorities would have reprimanded him.

Source: BBC

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