Vice President: «I go to China and if I return with coronavirus to promote our brand, I will return equally happy»

Second President joked with these comments when referring to his visit to China to promote Ecuadorian products

Within the framework of the Fruit Logistica 2020 Fair that takes place in Germany, the Vice President of the Republic, Otto Sonnenholzner announced that he will travel to China, the country where the new coronavirus originated, to promote some Ecuadorian products.

«I am going to China to promote these products and if I return with coronavirus to promote our brand, I return equally happy,» he said with a laugh.

Sonnenholzner clarified that this trip will not be canceled because it was scheduled several months ago, before the virus appears.

«My presence in China is an endorsement of a country that has been in solidarity with Ecuador. It is a market that today buys 60% of our shrimp and could easily absorb more than half of our pitahaya, grape and other products, ”he said.

In the context of the new coronavirus, the number of infected increases every day to 4000 people. At the moment there are 28,344 infected humans worldwide and 565 deceased viruses that have spread rapidly across countries.

Source: Glance

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