In Ecuador the Market Basket costs USD 716.14 while the basic salary is USD 400

In Ecuador, the Market Basket reached USD 716.14 , and the Inflation in 0.23%, in January 2020.

According to information from the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC), monthly inflation reached 0.23% in the first month of this year. In addition, this entity reported that the Market Basket was USD 716.14 and the Vital Basket USD 508.52.

On the other hand, annual inflation in January, that is, inflation in relation to the same month of 2019, was -0.30%.

This means that eight of the nine cities where measurements were made, prices were reduced in January compared to the same month last year.

INEC indicated that in January 2020 the groups of products that most affected the result of the price increase were: Food and non-alcoholic beverages (0.1799%); Health (0.0195%); and, Furniture, household items and for ordinary household preservation (0.0167%).

Meanwhile, the cost of the Market Basket (CFB) was USD 716.14, while the monthly family income of a type household was USD746.67, which represents 104.26% of the cost of said household basket, said INEC. (C.D.A.)


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