The US Senate votes to acquit Donald Trump on abuse of power charge in impeachment trial

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The vote was 52-48. Mitt Romney was the only Republican who voted to condemn Trump in the first charge of abuse of power.

The Republican majority of the Senate acquitted US President Donald Trump of the two charges of political trial: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

The Republican took advantage of the majority that his party has in the Upper House, and they did not consider him guilty to the US president for his dealings with Ukraine to promote an investigation against his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

The US Senate In the first instance he acquitted Donald Trump of the charge of abuse of power. 52 senators voted to exonerate the president, and 48 for condemning him.

The highlight of the vote was that Republican Senator Mitt Romney, a presidential candidate in 2012, considered Trump guilty and voted for his impeachment. This makes him the first Republican senator to depart from the party line.

The senators also acquitted him of the second position, obstruction of Congress.

Democrats accused Trump of abuse of power for retaining $ 391 million in aid to Ukraine to pressure and force the European country to investigate Biden, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the November elections, and his son.

The senators decided not to condemn President Trump for the scandal of Ukraine in the two charges of political trial: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. They voted saying «guilty» or «innocent.» At least 67 senators had to vote «guilty» to condemn Trump. (C.D.A.)

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