53,666 complaints of sexual crimes in 2019

250 cases of sexual violence and 65 femicides were reported in 2019, according to State Attorney General’s Office. Women groups report that the number of cases of violence against women is higher.

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported that there were 53,666 reports of sexual crimes in the last 12 months. Of these, 9,090 for sexual abuse, 1,998 sexual harassment, 6,455 rapes, 4,811 cases of physical violence, 30,893 cases of psychological violence, 250 of sexual violence and 65 femicides.

The Prosecutor, Diana Salazar, reported that the institution operates with 838 prosecutors throughout the country. 498 multicompetent and 340 specialized where 840 tax agents work. However, it requires incorporating 541 more to meet international standards.

To eradicate gender violence, there is a Law approved by the Assembly, but for this year its budget was reduced. This item reached USD 5.4 million and was USD 876 862 for this 2020.

On the other hand, for this year, there is no budget for teenage pregnancy prevention.

The Surkuna collective reported that the Human Rights Secretariat eliminated Special Protection Services (SEPE), leaving women who received care vulnerable.

The government has received strong criticism for the implementation of these policies that detract from the budget or eliminate fundamental services for the implementation of the Law on prevention and eradication of gender violence.

President Moreno, before a businessmen’s forum in Guayaquil, said: «We men are permanently subjected to the danger of being accused of harassment» and that, «(women) sometimes I see that they are angry with those ugly people.»

The declarations of the Ecuadorian president were news worldwide and, several hours after harsh criticism by social networks, President Moreno apologized. «I did not intend to minimize such a serious matter as violence or abuse,» said Moreno. As he wrote on his Twitter account, he rejects violence against women in all its forms.

Source: Twitter, Surkuna, National Assembly

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