President of Ecuador warns deportation of foreign citizens who commit crimes

PHOTO: El Comercio

The Executive urges the Assembly to process the reforms to the Mobility Law and the Security Code.

President Lenín Moreno announced that with the reforms to the Human Mobility Law, it will be possible to “expel and deport foreigners who come to the country to commit crimes or who are found committing crimes”.

The president urged the National Assembly to approve the proposal that was sent by the Executive in July 2019, as well as to process the Security Code, in order to face insecurity in the national territory.

During a meeting in Carondelet with local authorities and in which there was also the Minister of Government, María Paula Romo, Moreno said that all citizens “who come to enjoy the wonders of this country are always welcome, but those who come to harm our society. «

The statements of the head of state were given after the weekend was the murder of Mariana Granja, 68, outside a shopping center in northern Quito. A citizen of Venezuelan nationality was arrested for being the main suspect in the crime.

After recognizing that the issue of security is a priority, the president said that it is necessary to work in coordination.

In that context, this Tuesday, February 4, Minister Romo reported on the signing of a security agreement with 53 municipalities in the country.

So far, the Executive has signed such agreements with 138 municipalities and has allocated USD 100 million for the construction of Community Police Units (UPC), nationwide.

Among the agreements signed is the elaboration of local plans regarding citizen security and the collaboration for the maintenance and operation of the UPC.

On February 3, the police commander, Patricio Carrillo, referred to new threats that arise from the unusual flow of citizens who come in negative conditions to this country.

Carrillo acknowledged that the vulnerability of the legal framework prevents the Police from having a legitimate defense against an imminent risk, so in the reforms to the Human Mobility Law a reform to the procedure for deportation is proposed, once the procedure is delayed Six to eight months.

Since July 2019, the Committee on Sovereignty and International Relations of the Assembly has in its possession the analysis of the Executive’s proposal.

Fernando Flores, president of the legislative table hopes that until the end of the month, the report will go to the Plenary for discussion.

On the other hand, the president said that with these regulations the defense, intelligence and, therefore, citizen security service will be improved.

Source: El Comercio, Presidency of the Republic, social networks

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