Evo Morales registered as a candidate for the Senate of Bolivia

Photo: Evo Morales

The leader of Mas, Leonardo Loza, informed that they included Evo Morales in the list of candidates for the next elections.

The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, is enrolled in the Senate candidacy for the Movement for Socialism (MAS) for the elections next May, despite the fact that the de facto government tried to truncate his participation.

The MAS registered Luis Arce and David Choquehuanca as candidates for the presidency and vice-presidency of the country, and their lists for the Plurinational Legislative Assembly.

After the coup d’etat, Evo Morales applied for asylum to Argentina and from there he worked as a MAS campaign manager.

The ex-president informed that the MAS is the first party to present its list of candidates.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Bolivia (TSE) must publish the list of qualified candidates until February 21.

The members of the MAS along with Morales denounced that the de facto government seeks to eliminate them from the electoral contest in any way, and therefore, they arrested their legal representative, Patricia Hermosa. They also denounce political persecution against another of their lawyers in La Paz.

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