A patient reports sexual abuse in the IESS of Ambato


After the alert, the victim’s husband and hospital guards searched for the aggressor, but did not find him.

At the Social Security Hospital (IESS) in Ambato, a man was posing as a doctor and touched the breasts of a patient who, still sore, realized that in the part behind the aggressor’s uniform said cleanliness.

The victim, who had left surgery, said she thought it was a doctor because she wore a uniform similar to that of doctors.

The woman explains that the aggressor touched her left breast and then her right. She asked him what happened and why he did it. He replied that it was to know if he had milk.

He could see that the back of the man’s uniform said cleanliness. She called her husband to tell her what happened and he contacted the National Police.

In addition, along with hospital security guards and other authorities they searched for the aggressor, but could not find him.

The doctors suggested that he should file the complaint with the Tungurahua Prosecutor’s Office. While the director of the IESS of Ambato, Miguel Robalino, said that they will ask the Police for all the information so that, if the sexual abuse is verified, they will take the corresponding legal actions.

Source: La Hora

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